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what does adult swim mean tiktok

What is the Adult Swim trend on TikTok?

This trend on TikTok sees users creating their own bumper or bumps. The trend was made popular by a TikTok user named Vano 3000. As per his TikTok, he is a producer who has released several songs.

What is an Adult Swim bumper or bumps?

The Adult Swim bumpers or bumps are small clips that are played before and after a commercial. Initially, the bumpers showed senior citizens swimming with a lifeguard talking through a megaphone. This was followed by the Adult Swim logo. However, over the years, the content changed.

Twitter reacts to Adult Swim trend

Fans cannot stop talking about the Adult Swim trend that is slowly taking over social media. One user wrote: “The Adult Swim trend on TikTok has got to be one of my favorites ever.” Another added: “Please tell me someone at AdultSwim is aware of this trend. I beg.”

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