how to swim in animal crossing

How to help a horse go from a wreck?

It is certainly possible to help a horse go from a trembling wreck when approaching water to a poised superhero that fearlessly takes on the sea! The trick is to take incremental but consistent steps to habituate the horse to water in a setting that is already familiar and safe, and showing them that it is not dangerous. Allow him to get familiar with the sensations such as the feeling of getting wet, the sound of waves, the smell of the ocean and other sensory experiences related to water. Building confidence slowly is key.

How to tell if a horse is rolling?

Many horses will want to roll either before (less common) or after (very common) swimming and it can sometimes come as a bit of a surprise! If your horse starts digging repeatedly in the ground with its hoof while lowering his head, that is a pretty clear sign of what’s to come. To stop him from laying down (if you are still mounted), just bring his head back up and move the horse forward by squeezing your legs to its sides.

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