can you swim with apple watch


How to start swimming with Apple Watch?

There are four main parts to a swimming workout:Warmup: To avoid injuring yourself,take it easy when you first get into the pool. …Drills: These are special exercises to focus on improving your swimming technique (.pdf). …Main set: This is the meat in the sandwich (or vegan meat substitute,in my case). …More items…

Is it safe to swim with an Apple Watch?

If you have a newer Apple Watch, it’s perfectly fine to go for a swim with it on. The first-generation Apple Watch — sometimes referred to as Series 0 — and the second-generation Apple Watch, the Series 1, aren’t really made to handle more than the occasional splash.

What are some things you can do with Apple Watch?

The coolest things the Apple Watch can doCheck yourself for Afib. …Get help when you fall. …Find your way. …Calculate a tip (and more) WatchOS 6 brought a native calculator to Apple Watch. …Name that song. …Measure decibels. …Go for a swim. …Control your Apple TV. …Stream music without your iPhone. …Compete against your friends in fitness. …More items…

Can You Use Your Apple Watch for swimming?

While the first-generation Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1 do come with some level of water resistance, they are not recommended for use while swimming. This is due to the Series 2 and newer models featuring an improved water resistance that allows them to remain protected up to a depth of 50 meters.

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