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can you swim in elephant butte

With over 200 miles of shoreline, Elephant Butte Lake State Park offerscountless swimming opportunities. Many visitors head to the park is escape the summer heat and cool off in the park’s refreshing water. Additionally, the sandy beaches provide a stunning contrast between the lake and surrounding scenery.

Is there water at Elephant Butte State Park?

There is plenty of water and plenty of beach room at New Mexico’s largest State Park. Elephant Butte Lake can accommodate watercraft of many styles and sizes: kayaks, jet skis, pontoons, sailboats, ski boats, cruisers, and houseboats.

Why Elephant Butte for summer vacation?

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the city of Elephant Butte comes alive with summer vacationers who want to escape the heat and the hustle and bustle of daily life at a waterfront paradise. Rest, relaxation, and fun are the goals. Let’s explore! Before the dam was built, the Rio Grande flowed through on its way to Mexico.

Can elephants swim?

However, elephants are excellent swimmers and capable of crossing rivers and even swimming underwater! The largest ever recorded elephant swim was over 22 miles long and took place in India. The elephant trunk serves as a snorkel while they’re swimming, this helps them to breathe while they are underwater.

Where can I buy fishing gear in Elephant Butte?

The Elephant Butte General Store (900 NM Highway 195) has the essentials you will need for a day of fishing and fun out on the lake. They carry tubes, rafts, arm floaties, sunglasses, snacks, water shoes, and so much more.

How to stay away from rattlesnakes in Las Cruces?

Be aware of rattlesnakes, coyotes, even though they stay away from people, and don’t bother you; make sure you always keep your guard up, because you never know. Bring some Benadryl and a good first aid kit, if go off the trial. A good walking stick is recommended. Keep your pets on a leash. You may have to drive 75 miles south to Las Cruces to go see a veterinarian or doctor for anti-venom. Again don’t mess with the animals because that is why they are called animals.

Is Elephant Butte Lake S.P. a good place to visit?

Elephant Butte Lake S.P. is a fascinating place offering lots of variety. I will return many times.

Where can I see the light from Venus?

I like to follow the stars and planets and if you are lucky, you can actually see the light from the planets Venus, and Jupiter reflect off the water if you are near Lions beach area.

Is EBLSP a good place to visit?

Having said that, the park itself has become home to too many long-term campers consisting of people who are definitely not there for recreational purposes. This would not be a family friendly place. Being avid hikers, we looked in vain for a decent hike, and found one so stunningly dull in the park that we chose to go off-trail and bush-whack through the prickers along the lake so as not to succumb to mortal boredom. We skipped showering because the bathrooms looked a bit sketchy.

Do all reserved campsites have water?

All reserved campsites have water and electric as well as some ‘first come first served’ campsites. If you go to Nm parks and select the park , select camp reservations and that should give you details on each specific one. You should be able to see all info about area you reserved. This includes photo.

Is Truth or Consequences closed?

Truth or Consequences appeared to be closed indefinitely, but on the bright side, it boasts some excellent vintage architecture from the 60s and 70s, Elephant Butte is a catastrophe of trailers and prefab buildings with one restaurant where you can find a decent selection of beer and some friendly people.

Can dogs swim in water?

Yes, dogs ok in water. People have huge RVs right on beachfront with giant grills. Everyone brings a grill from what I could see

How many cubic feet per second is Elephant Butte irrigation?

Gary Esslinger, Treasure Manager of Elephant Butte Irrigation, told ABC-7 they have a 4 inch allotment this year. He estimates we’ll see about 2,500 cubic feet per second released Monday.

How many acres can a fish go below?

According to Esslinger, the bureau has set a minimum of 10,000 acre feet that they can not go below, in an attempt to save the fish, but Esslinger doesn’t know if it will be enough.

What does Esslingers say if we don’t see monsoons?

If we don’t see monsoons over the summer, Esslingers says “We’re going to be in a terrible fix.”

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