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can horses swim


Do horses really like to swim?

Swimming comes naturally to horses. However, not all horses are crazy about swimming. Horses will move their legs in a pattern similar to trotting when they are swimming. Holding their breath is not an option for horses. Therefore, they will keep their heads and nostrils above the water. A horse mustn’t get water in their ears.

Are horses good swimmers?

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Who can swim faster a horse or a dog?

Horses are fast, but not that fast. jkottke May 08, 2006 at 9:51AM I read during the course of my research that quarter horses are very quick off the line and have a high top end (50-55 mph), but can only maintain that speed for a 1/2 mile or so.

Can horses actually swim?

Horses can swim, and a number are quite proficient. But just like humans, some are better than others, and then there a few that can’t get the hang of it. But it’s not too difficult for horses to swim because they have natural floatation devices inside their bodies, huge lungs.

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