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a swim in a pond in the rain

Get Yourself Proper Gear

Before going any further, you need to have proper swimming gear, which is a wetsuit. To get one, you need to head over to Nook’s Cranny, or you get yourself more colorful, unique ones right here at Nook’s Treasures .

Jump in the Water

Swimming is a necessary dynamic for making the island feel less isolated, but you can’t swim to other players’ islands. In fact, you’ll notice a rope net encircling the entire island, mostly submerged only a few miles offshore, restricting how far out you can swim. But you can actually swim around the entire island.

Dive into the Deep

Enough with the basics; now let’s get deep. When swimming, you can dive under the water with the new diving mechanic added to the game.

Under the Sea

Furthermore, while under the deep, deep blue sea, there are more things you can do than just aimlessly swimming around. One of the best parts of learning how to swim in Animal Crossing is that you will be able to find sea creatures under the ocean .

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